Thanks to all our Volunteers, Participants, and Supporters!

February 12, 2015
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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our brand new website, developed in part as acelebration of our new name and 40th anniversary.You have probably heard about our rebranding, but we wanted to tell our supporters a little bit about the process.

Together with the management team and the Board of Directors, we worked with the Sturbridge-based branding firm Smith & Jones Idea Agency to develop an image that represents our commitment to the people we support, our workforce and the community. We began by identifying what was important to us and what guides our work. These tenets became our core values – honesty, respect, integrity, innovation and compassion. These values are what inspire our work every day, whether it’s with our program participants, our donors or among employees. These ideals guided the development of every aspect of our new brand. We worked through many different ideas, but we decided on a name that represented our commitment to innovation and our investment in the future.

Venture represents a project, an endeavor, a journey. It evokes a feeling of new beginnings and fresh ideas.  Once we reached a decision about our new name, Smith & Jones then helped us explore complimentary logos, colors, tag lines, and designs.We are especially proud of our logo, which incorporates the feeling of movement and thinking ahead. We have found that our special icon looks different to everyone – what do you see?

We are very excited our new image and brand, and we are happy to share this with our supporters through our new web site. Remember that our social media presence has also been updated – look for Venture Community Services on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and check back often for new blogs every month!


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