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The World Around Us

from Mike Hyland, Venture President & CEO Good morning Venture.  As you surely know, the world we live in has changed drastically in the past week as we have watched communities descend into chaos and senseless violence play out on live television after a man in Minnesota lost his life due to the actions of […]


Have We Been Abandoned?

Post by Mike Hyland, Venture President &CEO Today marks 72 days since the COVID-19 virus was officially declared a pandemic.  We have seen stories of great compassion and great tragedy as well as a glimpse at what some call the emerging new normal.  What we have not seen is our leaders in Washington D.C. providing […]


Pizza Donations for DSPs

What a thoughtful idea started by two moms to provide pizza to direct support professionals while they are working to care for some of our most vulnerable people. Venture is happy to be a participating agency in this program. A small gesture of thanks goes a long way! Learn how you can make a donation […]


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about every facet of our lives from how we work to where we can go and even how we celebrate holidays.  Social distancing is new terminology that we are unlikely to ever forget and wearing facemasks in public has become commonplace now.  Something that hasn’t changed however is the […]

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