Human rights committee

Venture Community Services is monitored by a volunteer Human Rights Committee, which includes both members of the community and individuals who receive support from the organization. The Human Rights Committee meets quarterly at the Sturbridge administrative office. Members encourage an environment in which people’s rights are respected and their voices are heard.

Kendra Tortolani (HRC Coordinator)

Deborah Dean (Nurse / Family Member)

Iana Oliveras (Clinician)

Amy Chisolm (Lawyer)

Brandon Morse (Self-Advocate)

We currently have space available to serve on our Human Rights Committee.  Looking for:

  • A psychologist or master level clinician
  • An attorney, law student or paralegal
  • Registered nurse, LPN or physician
  • General committee members

You can join the committee on a volunteer basis. The committee meets once a quarter from 5pm-7pm to discuss things that may or may have already impeded on an individual’s human rights. We discuss ways to minimize and prevent those intrusions. Outside of these meetings you will sign up for a task for the quarter…this would be review of behavior plans, review of S&Ps, and/or making site visits to ensure the practices in the programs promote human rights.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Venture Human Rights Committee, please contact Kendra Tortolani at 508-347-1134 or