Life-Skills, Inc History

Southern Worcester County Rehabilitation Center, Inc. was incorporated in the town of Webster, MA in November of 1970. At this time, without the mandates of the 766 legislation, there were no guarantees as to how long developmentally disabled individuals would be maintained in public school. If the school department discharged the student to his or her parents’ care, there were no options in the area for providing continued services.

In response to this situation, 14 parents and business people concerned about the need for continued training and educational opportunities for developmentally disabled individuals formed and incorporated Southern Worcester County Rehabilitation Center, Inc.  The initial program was a work/social activity program.  Through creative program development and advocacy, they were soon able to contract with the Department of Mental Retardation to secure funding.

In the early 1970s, the center added residential living programs and day habilitation programs and the legacy of providing innovative and need-based programs and services were underway.

It is the mission of Life-Skills, Inc. to provide person-centered supports, services, and advocacy for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to actively assist them in the pursuit and achievement of their goals and interests while encouraging independence, personal growth, and self-determination to enhance their overall quality of life.

Life-Skills merged with Venture effective July 1, 2024

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