2016 Inspiration Awards

July 29, 2016
Posted By: Kerrie Mason

The Inspiration Award is given to employees that inspire people to do their best every day, remain positive under stressful conditions, serve as a positive role model to others, show eagerness toward the job and displays an upbeat attitude in all they do.

Congratulations to Annmarie Addesa, Molly O’Connor and Kristen Sears for receiving the 2016 Award


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Excerpts from their award nominations:

Annmarie:“Bright, cheerful, upbeat attitude..”   “Laughing and smiling while remaining respectful and professional.”  “consistent and devoted”

Molly:“One way she stays upbeat and helps others is by making sure everyone has some fun!  She keeps an activity binder of brochures with information about things to do in the area.  But travelling is ok with her too.  This past year residents and staff have been to Foxwoods Casino, the zoo, dances, dinners, etc.”

“She is a tireless advocate for the residents and rarely has any staff turnover.  When you arrive at her program it’s clearly obvious right away you are in someone’s home, not a ‘program.’ “

Kristen:“Her exuberance is contagious….”  “As a role model she inspires me and others to do over and above what is required.”

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