2020 Satisfaction Survey

Venture strives to provide superior support services to individuals with developmental disabilities. By taking the time to give your feedback, you contribute to our continuing efforts to improve our services to fit the needs of the individuals we serve.

Thank you in advance for your time. Your response is requested prior to January 31st, 2021 and will be reviewed by the Office of Quality Assurance and responded to as necessary.

Join Our Human Rights Committee

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference! We currently have space available to serve on our Human Rights Committee.

Looking for: 

~ A psychologist or master level clinician 
~ An attorney, law student, or paralegal 
~ Registered Nurse or LPN or physician
~ General committee members 

Learn more here: https://venturecs.org/learn-more/human-rights-committee/ or contact Robby Dookhran at rdookhran@venturecs.org

Hope for 2019

I was recently watching a 2018 retrospective news program that featured people who demonstrate hope on a daily basis, despite facing some adverse circumstances. Politically and culturally, 2018 was a year of heightened emotions and challenges. These people displayed hope in small and large ways throughout their personal and professional lives.

After watching this, it occurred to me that many of the people I work with also demonstrate hope on a daily basis in the course of their work. Sheila and Jodie put together a last minute trip to Springfield to see the holiday lights display for some of the people who are supported in Individual Supports and Shared Living – everyone had a great time! Deb, Maria, and Ericka spent a couple of evenings decorating holiday cookies with children from the Uxbridge area who have autism. Rhonda and Nana took Virginia to Disney World so she could have her dream trip.

Paige dedicated a huge amount of time to ensuring that all the people supported by Venture each got holiday present by soliciting donations to make that happen. Ashley, Kevin, Bruce, Robby, Rick, Dot, and countless others spent hours wrapping those presents. Mabel and Loveline took Jenny, Denzel, and Bonnie to a Make It and Take It event so they could spend some time with meeting new friends and make some crafts. Gina has rallied her staff to host a number of events to help Dan, Nick and Ben celebrate holidays with their families in their new home. Katie, Carolyn, and Shannon helped Venture staff teams all over the state to ensure that the medical care provided is in the best interest of the people Venture serves in its programs. Kathy, Zach, Laurie and Kevin are participating in a work group to improve employee retention and improve the ways that Venture appreciates its employees.

Mark, Luisa, Annmarie, Gina, Greg, Wilma, Jen and William all banded together and created a Friendsgiving feast that more than 50 individuals served by Venture attended. Christa, Albert, Dave, Todd, Dan, Dot, Kim and many others devoted time and energy to finding a new home for Mark, Richard, David and Jason that better suits their needs which have changed as they have gotten older. Walter, Lindsey, Jack, and Antonio have collectively spent thousands of hours training Venture’s staff team that has impacted the staffs’ ability to deliver quality services.

Hope was demonstrated in the face of adversity, too. Monica, Richard, Tiffany, Johnny, Tim, Don and countless others came together to assist in assisting Danny, Charmagne, Rita, Peter, and their housemates when the furnace in their home exploded. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the team quickly came together to make sure everyone was comfortable and had a place to stay while the furnace was replaced and the home was deemed habitable by the local authorities. Kevin, Jason and Scott helped Nick, Gustavo and Elaine learn techniques so that they could participate in meaningful activities during their day. Jennifer, Anita, Doug, and Katie advocated tirelessly to make sure that Marilyn was comfortable in the final days of her life.

David and John spent months ensuring the Steven’s medical concerns were being in addressed in the way that Steven wanted them to be handled – he was able to make choices with dignity, and the decisions he made were respected by his staff team. Sam, Fatuma and Tim devoted many hours and a lot of effort to coaching staff to make the lives of Randy, Michael, Frank and Brian markedly calmer and more enjoyable. They also welcomed Gerry with open arms and have supported him to become a valued member of the home. Doug, Allaire, Allison, James, Rose and Titus worked together to transition Brennan to another program that better suited his needs.

While different motivations probably prevail, the underlying theme is hope. Our employees act in the hope of making the lives of people with disabilities better in big and small ways. This much is clear – I am privileged and fortunate to work with a great collection of fabulous people whose work makes me proud of the organization. If we continue to approach 2019 with the same dedication, vigor and hope as we did in 2018, it’s sure to be another phenomenal year, despite any challenges that lay ahead.

When given the choice of facing the sometimes saddening realities of our world or looking around my immediate environment and being impressed with the terrific work that happens day after day, I will choose hope every time.

Outstanding Direct Support Professional

The Outstanding Direct Support Professional award is presented to a Venture employee who: Consistently demonstrates commitment and dedication to the agency’s core values of honesty, integrity, respect, innovation, and compassion and advocates for individuals we support & takes initiative to make things better

Being honored this year is Sheila Swift from the Venture Individual Supports Department.  Sheila was presented the award at the Venture Wine & Beer Tasting on November 8th.

Following is an excerpt from her nomination:

Sheila has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities throughout her whole career.  For Sheila, working in this field is not a job but a passion.  There are a number of examples that could be given that exemplifies Sheila’s commitment to the individuals she serves, however this one moment in particular stands out and needs to be noted and celebrated:

Earlier this year, an individual on Sheila’s caseload was having emotional difficulty stemming from never being able to attend services for his parents who had passed away years ago.  The individual remembered the cemetery was in Worcester where his parents were laid to rest, but that was all. Sheila did her research and found the individual’s mom and dad’s burial site.  Sheila called the Pastor from the local church and assisted the individual in preparing and scheduling a ceremony at his parent’s grave.  The individual picked up balloons and had his parent’s name placed on them, which was released from the gravesite along with lighted religious candles.  On a Sunday morning, Sheila accompanied the individual to his parent’s gravesite where a private religious ceremony was held.  The individual shared with Sheila that he was at peace now with his parent’s passing after being part of such a meaningful ceremony.

Congratulations to all of the nominees:

* Bridget Essuman, Mechanic St A

* Debra Lovewell, Hope Street

* Evelyn Odonkor-Boudrea, Route 31

* Hayford Htim, Pike Avenue

* Jean Albihome, Residential Relief

* Karen Mwangi, Residential Relief

* Matt Tillotson, Sturbridge Day

* Scott Bagley, Uxbridge Day

* Tammy Perron, Leominster Day

* Marguerite Maboupda-Tamgno, Crawford A

Autism Service Family Forum

Venture Community Services is hosting their first autism services parent and family forum at our Uxbridge Day Program (670 Douglas Street, Uxbridge) on Thursday, February 22nd at 5:30 pm.  We are interested in your input and suggestions!

Venture is looking to determine the needs of the children with autism and their families in the Blackstone Valley region in the areas of clinical support, social and recreational opportunities, life skills development, and vocational options.  We believe that families are our best indication of how we can help – and we would really like to hear from you.  We will be joined by Mike Hyland, President and CEO; Kevin Hughes, Vice President of Day Services and BCBA/LABA; and Kyle Murray, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Clinical Services.

Please RSVP to Paige at pmador@venturecs.org or 774-922-1135 to indicate that you will be attending.  We are also able to provide supervision for your child by a trained staff member while you participate in the meeting, so please include that in your email if you are interested.

We look forward to hearing about how we can help serve your community.

A New Year Has Arrived

By Mike Hyland, President and CEO

Another year has passed and a new one is now beginning.  This annual event always provides us with two opportunities: to look back or to look ahead.  Looking back can be exhausting, so let’s spend a couple of minutes looking ahead.  Each new year begins only once and this is the time to wonder what 2018 can be.  I believe it can be a year of hope.

Let’s hope this will be the year when the incredibly dedicated direct-care staff who choose to work with people with developmental disabilities and other needs are recognized as the talented professionals they are.  That everyone finally realizes the value these amazing people bring to our society every day and the critical importance of their profession.  Without them, people with disabilities would still be living in facilities that remove them from the community rather than in nice homes that allow them to be a vibrant part of it.  Worse yet, many people who need help simply would not have it.  The men and women who encompass the human services profession deserve to be paid an appropriate wage commensurate with the challenging and meaningful work they do every day.

Let’s hope 2018 will be the year when people with disabilities are no longer stigmatized.  That it will be a year where everyone with a disability is treated with respect and dignity at school, at work, and in the neighborhood.  This can be the year we all acknowledge that people with disabilities are still abused at a much higher rate than those without disabilities.  They are bullied and dismissed and taken advantage of at an alarming rate and every leader needs to stand up and say that this is a national problem that needs immediate attention.  Now is a time to hope that failures to adequately address the issue in previous years can be erased by sweeping action.

Let’s hope this is the year that our society sees a seismic turn back toward civility.  That we can look back in 2019 and say that the old year was when people remembered what it is like to work together on behalf of others, to create resources that allow everyone to thrive, and to finally ensure that those who need help are never left behind again.  2018 can be a time when the nation returns to acceptance in place of derision and where discussion replaces argument.  For too long now we have allowed leaders and people in power to treat those who disagree with them as enemies rather than as people with a different point of view.  Those who need help are usually caught in the middle of this divide and we should all hope that the people who have put them there realize they’re part of the problem.

Finally, let’s hope that the New Year will be one where everyone can agree that those who need help should get it and that a society is strengthened when it takes care of them.  People don’t ask to be born with a disability or to be homeless or to hear voices.  Creating programs that help these people to achieve maximum independence is not merely compassionate, it is cost-effective.  There is no shame in needing help to move forward, or at least there shouldn’t be.  Let’s hope we can look back on 2018 someday and point to it as the year when we all agreed that people who needed assistance were able to find it and those who provided it were finally identified as the gifted professionals they have always been.

Giving Tree on #GivingTuesday

We are excited to be hosting our Fourth Annual Giving Tree to provide gifts to the people we support.  Everyone deserves to have something special under the tree that was selected just for them.  We hope you will join us as we get into the holiday spirit this #GivingTuesday by purchasing a gift from our Amazon Wish List or making a donation to the Giving Tree Program here.

Here’s how you can help make the holidays brighter for the people we support:

  • Visit the Venture Amazon Wish List
  • Browse the list and select the item(s) you’d like to purchase
  • Check out as normal and select “Paige Mador, Director of Development Gift Registry Address” for the shipping address and the item(s) will be delivered directly to Venture’s Administrative Office. You’ll have the option to sign your name or the gift can remain anonymous.
  • If you don’t want to shop online, you can still purchase a gift – just email Paige Mador to let us know what you bought.
  • We will wrap your gift and have it delivered directly to the recipient to open and enjoy just in time for the holiday.
  • Please purchase items to arrive no later than Friday, December 15th so we have time to wrap and deliver.
  • No time to shop? Just click here to make a donation.

If you have any questions, please contact Paige Mador.  Thank you for your generosity during the holiday season and your support of Venture Community Services all year round!

Employer of Choice

We are pleased to announce that Venture has been selected as an Employer of Choice by the Employers Association of the North East.  Only two awards were given out this year from an applicant pool of companies and agencies based in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  We were chosen based upon our employee recognition program that has been instrumental in motivating and connecting our more than 700 employees.  Also noted on our award selection was our Wellness Works program, educational resources, unique benefits and overall investment in our employees.

Over the past few years, Venture has re-energized its commitment to employee appreciation and well-being with many different initiatives.  We have worked to make Venture a fun, employee-friendly place to work with our newly remodeled break rooms, employee appreciation days, flexible work schedules, creative benefit options, tuition remission program, training opportunities, annual merit bonuses, staff barbecues, and more.  Our annual employee satisfaction survey is also used to make sure each staff member has an opportunity to share their thoughts, allowing us to better focus our efforts.

To view our video, click here.  Many thanks to EANE for this honor and for producing such a great video for us!

To learn more about employment opportunities with Venture, click here.