Working Together for Employment Opportunities

July 20, 2016
Posted By: Paige Mador

When it comes to identifying and developing career opportunities for individuals with disabilities in our communities, our industry recognizes the need for a group effort. Cooperation among businesses, human service agencies, families, and individuals is the key to providing meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services has called for “a vibrant and large network of employment providers with strong community ties who have effectively and successfully assisted many individuals with intellectual disability to enter the workforce”. For more information about their initiative, be sure to check out their Blueprint for Success report.

There are many benefits for the whole community when disabled employees are supported in the workplace. According to an article by disability staffing company founder Judy Owen in Forbes, employers who hired people with disabilities reported regular attendance and low turnover rates, in addition to improved overall staff morale and increased workplace diversity. Not to mention that providing workplace accommodations are nowhere near as costly as how employers have imagined. The author goes on to describe how employing people with disabilities addresses an important social issue – the fact that government resources are limited and society needs to support people to become as independent as possible.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor has pledged to do its part to help provide states with the funds necessary to develop education and training programs for people with disabilities. For more information, check out the recent article from Disability Scoop.

If you are an employer interested in diversifying your work force by hiring individuals with disabilities, be sure to check out the U.S. Department of Labor’s publication Building an Inclusive Workforce for more information. Additionally, Venture’s Supported Employment Program would be happy to work with you. If your business is would like to hire someone from the program, please contact Kevin Hughes at 774-922-1143 or

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